Working New Clash of Clans Free Gems December 2017 – Hot !!

Clash of clans in another of the most trending game nowadays. The video games has an incredible number of active players because of its rewarding and addictive characteristics. Gameplay is very unique and gets more interesting when you harm other players to get resources, getting yellow metal or elixir isn’t that hard in comparison to getting gems. You may make your gameplay more interesting by using clash of clans cheats. Cheats provide huge alternatives for players, you can up grade your kingdom, reach to a certain level and can significantly boost gameplay. There are numerous websites and tool promising to attain the things I’ve mentioned previously nevertheless they work hardly ever and almost all of them are studies. Today I’ll enlist a few of freebies where it is possible to get free gems and there are no studies included.

These coc freebies might provide you chance to get yellow metal, elixir but gems are most treasured in clash of clans. You are able to do lots of products with gems that may take weeks or even years to do normally. Gems can increase variety of contractors you have, it can up grade your buildings uncover troops. Gems provides all the opportunities you must have for participating in clash of clans efficiently. Gems may be used to buy other resources also so getting gems will also raise the potential for you becoming clan head. You can contend with top players throughout the world with your completely upgraded military and get an opportunity to maintain world’s leader planks. While using freebies I provided below will provide you with entire control on your game, in addition to getting gems you may also greatly increase ratings. The main part of clash of clans is the strategy the way you play the overall game, that may be defensively, attacking or farming but these strategies are reliant on design of your kingdom and troop structure. This hack will provide you the capability to modify your strategies.


clash of clans new free gems
clash of clans new free gems

Want to Get Pokemon Duel Free Gems Hack 2017 ? Come and Get yours now~!


pokemon duel free gems hack
pokemon duel free gems hack

Want to Get Pokemon Duel Free Gems Hack 2017 ? Come and Get yours now~!

Pokemon Duel is a strategic board game that is using pokemon characters or figures. You need to compete with the other players real time to be on top of the league. Every pokemon lovers love this game , it is really great and you will not miss your childhood life. I am really fan of pokemon , I am a player when I was a kid , i remember those things that I play the game using the gameboy. You need to purchase the game and insert it to your gameboy , I always be a good boy so everytime that I want to try a different edition for the game in pokemon , my parents will buy it for me. I finished all the games and it is really great to have all my collections done. Now there is a new game which is the pokemon duel and the power of  technology is now rising.  I download and install the game on my mobile phone since I have friends already playing this and they are already ahead of me. I try to check it if there will be a boost for me to be able to go on their same spot. I search on some forums and try a lot of sites, some of the sites it will ask for a password and that is a clearly a scam site. I found the site where you will get the pokemon duel free gems hack , it is really easy to use , you just need to enter your username and wait for about a minutes and refresh your account. Boom! it is already credited on your account. You can share this information to your friends but please do not abuse the pokemon duel free gems hack. thank you guys.


Get The Best Moba Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang Free Gems 2017

Get The Best Working Moba Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang Free Gems 2017

mobile legends free gems
mobile legends free gems

Hello , I am back guys. Today I just want to share you the hottest game on the internet. The Mobile Legends Bang Bang , it is a moba game or what we called multiplayer online battle arena. If you already played the DOTA or LOL, you will easily get the mechanics of the game. The good thing about this game you don’t need to have a computer but you just need to have only a cellphone or tablet and you will be able to play it. I really enjoy this game cause you can invite also your friends to play this game. It is really trending nowadays , a lot of my friends already playing it . We played it with my four friends so we are solid team and have already a team play with this game. On this game you need to unlock the other heroes or you need to purchase them using your points or the gems for you to use the other heroes. I try to unlock the other heroes since I only have few points and successfully use the hero on the next battle. I try to unlock the other heroes but you need to have gems.I try to find if I will be able to see mobile legends free gems . Try to search it on facebook , found a lot of pages that can give mobile legends free gems, I check it one by one and see if there is a good reviews.  Some of the pages you will easily tell that it is a scam since there is no review and found another page that have a lot of reviews with the mobile legends free gems. I try to click the website and follow the instructions to get the mobile legends freebies. They provide the free gems in return of liking the page and sharing it to your wall , they have a lot of sponsors that is why they can provide a lot of freebies. So i give it a try since it is only free and you don’t need to provide the password for your account. You just need to provide just the email or the username for the free gems. There is also human verification test , just to make sure that you are not a bot and not abuse the freebies. It took me three to five minutes only to participate on the survey to prove that I am human. After verifying it and checked my account , I cannot believe that there is already a gems on my account and now I can now unlock all the heroes.  Thanks for the mobile legends free gems, Hope that it will not be abuse by others. Keep playing and rock on.

My Go Pro Silver Edition 4 , Be a Hero Today


Actually this is a late post , I have a purchased my go pro last march 2016. You know what I have a really great experience with my camera, I always bring this camera where ever I will go. Just like on the summer , we do the helmet diving , I really appreciated this camera, it is so clear and have a high definition that you will love also. I use this camera when we climb the mountains , even it’s raining , it can provide high quality video, I just need to put some water repellent on the camera so that the water will just slide and it will not cover the lens for it. I really miss when we do the snorkeling and I can film all the different kinds of fishes and also coral reefs. I feed them a bread and they will come on my camera , some of the fish already block my camera so i move it on the other side just to see them eating the food, they are really hungry , they move so fast like they did not eat for a month haha.  I am really excited to experience also the snorkeling with the whale sharks , I want to have a great selfie with them , and I am really sure lot of my friends will like it on facebook , I also love to have a selfie with turtles , they are really cute , I can’t wait for the summer anymore haha, but I need to wait for it just to make sure that there will be a good weather so I can film my whole adventure without having a problem. I really love this camera, hope It will lasts. I love you go pro. So what are you waiting guys , you can share also your go pro experience and be a hero too.

Pokemon Go Best Game That Will Help you To Burn Fats

pokemon go free pokecoins

Pokemon Go is the best game on Android, iOS and PC. This game will be able to use your exact location using the Global Positioning System or what we called “GPS”. Using this features on mobile phone , it will track your exact place and they are going to release some Pokemon near you. Sometimes they provide just one Pokemon on certain area so we need to hurry up to be the first one to catch it. I see a lot of people running all the time just to hunt the Pokemon. There are also a lot of post on instagram showing their progress , before and after playing Pokemon Go. Some of them have already an abs and become more fit by just running ,walking when they hunt for pokemon. You need to have also a lot of pokecoins for you to be able to purchase some resources like the pokeball for your to catch them and it will become yours. It is really hard to catch some pokemons who is moving, I already spend 100 balls and still can’t catch them haha. So I am really frustrated on that game , try to search where I will be able to get some free pokecoins for pokemon and gladly I was be able to see some fb page and try it, after 2-3 minutes of verifying myself just to prove that I am a human not a bot , I got the pokecoins on my account.

Cheat Day for Sunday Clash of Burgers


Clash of BurgersHello, Today is Sunday and also everyone is busy about where they will go after the mass. So I visit the mass on our place , I try to check on Facebook where I will be able to satisfied my cravings on food. When i am searching on the facebook , I see my friend post something about the Clash of Burgers , i really love burgers and fries. So I try to check it first the location of the store ,so It is really near on our place , I just ride a jeep , it takes only 10-15 minutes for the travel time. When I enter on the shop its really cool, I check their Menu and I ordered this food.
Clash of Burgers (from the game Clash of Clans)
I order fries, burger, pasta, chicken mushroom, juice , frappe haha. I am really hungry and this is also my cheat day. I go to the gym on weekdays and weekends will be my cheat day. I finished my food within 30 minutes only. I am really excited to share the pictures on facebook too . When I went home I upload my pictures on Clash of Burgers Store , I received a lot of questions like “where is that place”, “how much is the food “, so I answered there all inquiries. They can’t believe that there is a Clash of Burgers near on our area and the price is really cheap with a great taste and experience to eat like a Barbarian King. I was not be able to have a picture on their menus since I am really excited to taste their food. maybe when I come back on this store Im going to have a picture so that you will see also their menus for the clash of clans hehe. hope you like my new post, it is related on clash of clans ,maybe we can create also a business with a game name. Nice business strategy.

My One and Only Favorite Game on My Phone Clash of Clans

You know guys , I feel that I don’t like to play a game anymore on my phone last 2 years. I am just really tired and boring that time and suddenly I check a game on the play store and i saw that there is a new game that has only few players . I am curious about this game  , since I am bored that time , I click on it , download and install on my cellphone, I know that I will uninstall it once I already see the interface. I make a username on this game , when it guided me the quick tutorial , I feel so comfortable with this game don’t know why maybe I know that this is strategic game and I like the way how it works. You need to wait for a time until it is done building the defense or offense. You know what I became addicted on this game ,I always set up an alarm on my cellphone just to make sure that after my builder made the thing , I will be able to create a new one , haha sometimes I wake up in the 2am or 5am , just to check my account and build a new thing again. I share it with my friends and they also like the game , so we create a clan on our school , we create also a fanpage and there a lots of people want to join the clan , We create a second clan on the game so that we can accommodate everyone request on clash of clans. We also provide freebies on the game like the most player who donate a lot of troops , they will receive a gems for free. So became strong on our clan , we found out also that there is a free website that provide gems freebies clash of clans generator , we share it on our clan , and in just 2 months straight we always win on our war, they make it stronger our clan. Hope you can find our clan hehe. let us war soon.

Clash of Clans vs Your Girlfriend

Hello Guys , I am back, Today I am going to share another thing on this site. I see a lot of post on Facebook regarding on the clash of clans vs your girlfriend. Some of the boys  forgot that they have a girlfriend and instead of replying on their gf messages they keep to ignore it and just play the clash of clans to loot more gold , elixir and dark elixir. I see some of the girl already activated their beast mode to their bf. I see also a story regarding on the two lovers, the boy taught her girlfriend how to play it and suddenly her gf became addicted on the game. They build a clan and invite their friends to play the game and to extend their clan like their loving each other. It is really cute to see some couple that playing the game together unlike some of the girls they are really mad on the game and they just want to stop their boyfriend playing this game. So I see this lovers post a question on facebook that where they can get free gems , because there is a tournament on the mall that they want to join with. They want to prepare their villages and maximize their troops to be strong. So recently I found a working site that provide clash of clans free gems 2016 , I am excited to share the site on their facebook and advice them that don’t abuse the bot because maybe it will stop working in the future. Just verify yourself to prove that your are not abusing the giveaways and you are not a bot. So they give a try on that tool and they get a lot of gems . They boost all the resources ,troops, upgrade all the defense and offense and now they are now ready for the wars.

Working Clash of Clans Freebies For You Today

Hello Clash of Clans Fanatics , Today its october 24 2016 , and Im going to share again a new tips for our game for today , I hope you will learn new things by reading this info. I already play this game for about a twenty five months and I really love the game and also the latest updates for the clash of clans right now. I really love the you can buy the cheapest gem on clash of clans, the price for that will be a small bucks, and you will be able to boost your barracks or spell or resources it will depends on your needs. I really love also the new barracks , you can create a troops and save the settings so it will create the same troops once you have already attack on different villages. When I try to purchase the gems , it got credited on my account instantly , but when I lost my funds, need to find a free way that will be able to get some gems to boost my king and queen, resources, barracks, when farming mode on the game. I try to search on the net for about 2 hours, but still cannot find the thing that I am looking for. When suddenly , I accidentally type on the search bar clash of clans freebies  , I found a website maybe on the 2nd page or third page on google, try to follow the instructions hope that it will work but on the first try it won’t work, try to find another website , there is something that I need to do, verify myself to avoid abuse the website and for freebies to everyone. I just answer a short survey , it just take 1-2 minutes to complete and it have successfully done. try to check my clash of clans account , it get credited, works like magic. thanks clash of clans.

Clash of Clans Farming Method and Gain Gems

Hello guys , I am back , let us go a head and discuss a method that you will benefit on your favorite game ” Clash of Clans ” . Normally , for you to be able to have a box of gems it will take a week , but if you do not clean your base it will just take around 4-5 days, so after that you can no claim a box of gems and you can use it to boost your barracks , my favorite troops combination are the archers,giants. Its easy to cook that troops and at the same time it will just cost you less elixir unlike the other combination. So when i found a dead base and it has only 100k golds or elixir , I always attack it but I will not use all my troops to get the loot , so that the time on creation of the troops will less. So in just 1 hour , I can loot around 800K with this method , its just pretty simple and relax , So when you are tired with this manual looting , I can go a head and share a new trick that will give you a clash of clans free gems hack no survey no human verification . So by clicking that link , it will redirect you on the main site for the free gems for clash of clans , we just need to follow the instructions on the site , we need to enter the username, we dont need to input the password for your account , after you enter it , it will ask you to verify your self , if you are real human or just a bot and also to avoid abusing the hack for this game , so I try to answer one question and great news it successfully added on my account, I try to check it on my clash of clans account, and boom, it added on it, now i can boost my resources on my account and upgrade it instantly without a problem.