Bingo Blitz Giveways

One of the Most Best Bingo on Facebook ” Bingo Blitz “

Have you already heard about the Bingo Blitz ? or Do you have a friends playing it and sending a request on your facebook account ? I’ve tried playing it because one of my friends is always sending a request on that game, at first I really don’t know how to play it , I always ask her how to play it correctly and one day I got it. I like the fanpage for Bingo Blitz always follow their posts everyday to keep updated whats new on the game. I became addicted on this game, its really cool , I also invite my sister to play it with me. So before I go to work , I play it first and when I went home , play it again  for about two hours and then I sleep.  When i don’t have enough credits, I always try to check where I can get it for free , like the links that they post and some on the youtube , twitter and google. When searching for a credits for bingo blitz found out that there is a page for facebook that gives a credits and we just need to verify ourselves by taking a simple quiz just to verify that you are not a bot. I tried the link to get bingo blitz credits for free . Try to answer one question but it doesn’t unlock , since I really want to have a credits, I try it again with a different quiz , after two to three minutes , finally it verified me and redirect to the bingo blitz app , receive the free giveaways and finally I can now play again on my laptop. I share the link with my friends and my friends of my friends share it with their friends so they are really thankful to me to find the the working  link for this giveaway that it will take around two to three minutes and after that you wil be redirected on the bingo blitz game instantly without hassle. You can now play it again with your friends and if you want to have a request something on bingo blitz ,you can search it on the facebook. You will see a lot of groups that you can join directly and you can post for a friend request and after 1-2 hours you will see a lot of people adding you for their friend list and you can swap a request for the game.


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