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Today we are seeing  a lot of giveaways on facebook , some of them works some are not . Are you a player of Bingo Blitz ? Right now they are giving a free gifts for everyone who play the game. Some of the times you will get coins , some credits and some powers. So every one will benefit on their free gifts every day. Some times it will be more cool if they providing a raffle on their fanpages about the credits cause instead of buying it , you can get it for free if you will be the lucky one on the raffle. So I always follow what will be the rules in the fan pages so I can get credits if I will be lucky on that day. So still waiting for the time that I will get this free credits. While waiting on this credits on their pages I try to check some pages on facebook , finally got see one of the pages that will provide also a free credits for bingo blitz . I like the page and share it with friends , if you want to get your bingo blitz credits for free ,you can visit that site or you can try to check more pages on facebook. You will see some bingo blitz pages on facebook that will share to you how to get bingo blitz credits for free without buying it and some of them you just need to prove that you are a human to verify that you are  not a bot. So in this case the giveaways or the credits will not be abuse by other users. So i give a try to use this link that i have found on the facebook and you will not believe me , I got 250 credits just for free , I just verify my self with a two to three minutes of survey , after that I got my credits instantly on my account and now I can play more time on my facebook. I share it with my others and they cant believe that they will get also like mine. They give a try and they always thank me for sharing this opportunity on them hehe.  So if you are a player of this game, you are freely to share this content on your friends so that they can get a free credits without buying the actual credits on the facebook. So hope you like my post , follow my next updates about this thank you for reading my post.

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