Bingo Blitz Halloween Event

Halloween is now coming on the Bingo Blitz , So ready your account for the giveaways that they will give to us. Is it a free credits that we can use on the game or maybe a coins to purchase something or the power that we can use also. Lets wait for the big announcement on our fan page to get your bingo blitz free credits 2017 . Everyone is waiting for this event because normally we give a lot of freebies and promotions on the game so a lot of players will play the game always and they can share it with their friends too to get the latest freebies on the game. So what are you waiting for , like our fan page and start inviting your friend to play the game so they will enjoy the best bingo on Facebook right away. Yeah this is the best bingo right now on facebook that you can play for free even you are using a mobile phone or if its an android or ios you can still play bingo blitz on the  your gadgets without having a problem on the game. It will be smooth to play it with mobile phones as long as you have a good internet connection nothing to worry regarding on the game it will synchronize on the computer once you play it on that. So once again like and share our fan page to your friends to they will be notified once we are having a promotion or any giveaways on facebook that will benefit you to play more on bingo blitz and play with your friends. Thank you again for reading my post hope you like it and you gain some information on the game , check my next post , keep in touch to us. Thank you bingo blitzers ! rock on.

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