Clash of Clans vs Your Girlfriend

Hello Guys , I am back, Today I am going to share another thing on this site. I see a lot of post on Facebook regarding on the clash of clans vs your girlfriend. Some of the boys  forgot that they have a girlfriend and instead of replying on their gf messages they keep to ignore it and just play the clash of clans to loot more gold , elixir and dark elixir. I see some of the girl already activated their beast mode to their bf. I see also a story regarding on the two lovers, the boy taught her girlfriend how to play it and suddenly her gf became addicted on the game. They build a clan and invite their friends to play the game and to extend their clan like their loving each other. It is really cute to see some couple that playing the game together unlike some of the girls they are really mad on the game and they just want to stop their boyfriend playing this game. So I see this lovers post a question on facebook that where they can get free gems , because there is a tournament on the mall that they want to join with. They want to prepare their villages and maximize their troops to be strong. So recently I found a working site that provide clash of clans free gems 2016 , I am excited to share the site on their facebook and advice them that don’t abuse the bot because maybe it will stop working in the future. Just verify yourself to prove that your are not abusing the giveaways and you are not a bot. So they give a try on that tool and they get a lot of gems . They boost all the resources ,troops, upgrade all the defense and offense and now they are now ready for the wars.

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