Cheat Day for Sunday Clash of Burgers


Clash of BurgersHello, Today is Sunday and also everyone is busy about where they will go after the mass. So I visit the mass on our place , I try to check on Facebook where I will be able to satisfied my cravings on food. When i am searching on the facebook , I see my friend post something about the Clash of Burgers , i really love burgers and fries. So I try to check it first the location of the store ,so It is really near on our place , I just ride a jeep , it takes only 10-15 minutes for the travel time. When I enter on the shop its really cool, I check their Menu and I ordered this food.
Clash of Burgers (from the game Clash of Clans)
I order fries, burger, pasta, chicken mushroom, juice , frappe haha. I am really hungry and this is also my cheat day. I go to the gym on weekdays and weekends will be my cheat day. I finished my food within 30 minutes only. I am really excited to share the pictures on facebook too . When I went home I upload my pictures on Clash of Burgers Store , I received a lot of questions like “where is that place”, “how much is the food “, so I answered there all inquiries. They can’t believe that there is a Clash of Burgers near on our area and the price is really cheap with a great taste and experience to eat like a Barbarian King. I was not be able to have a picture on their menus since I am really excited to taste their food. maybe when I come back on this store Im going to have a picture so that you will see also their menus for the clash of clans hehe. hope you like my new post, it is related on clash of clans ,maybe we can create also a business with a game name. Nice business strategy.

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