On Weightlifting as National Sports

On a meeting with Pres. Duterte at Malacanang, 25- year- old lady lifter Hidilyn Diaz said that she wanted to promote her sport, Weightlifting as the National Sport of the Philippines. Diaz is the first woman to won a silver medal that quenched the country’s thrist for Olympic victory.In my view, Weightlifting is just as good as any of the alternatives to replace the national sport of the Philippines, from the old Sepak to the current Arnis. However, thereare still reasons of many points why or why not Weightlifting should be our national sport. For the past 20 years, the Philippines had experience an Olympic medal drought with no people knowing it could be ended by a mere woman. Well, if a woman had been able to lift a thing nearly her own weight, then other people can do so. It is no exaggeration to affirm that master of weightlifting in our country could guarantee us a dominating post of the sport worldwide. Plus, the sport is easy to learn and play with proper exercise and training. Why this couldn’t be an option? The cons of Weightlifting, on the other hand is a way more convincing for people to realize why this shouldn’t be our national sport. First of all Weightlifting did not originatein the Philippines ; It started way back at 1900’s in Europe, created from a circus theme, “ The strongest Man In the World”.Compored to arnis (the Current national sport of the Philippines) Weightlifting is a way duller than it. It only requires physical strength and a good air circulation for a man to lift a barbell, a person with a gifted strength could easily dominate the sport if he/she wanted to. Arnis, hoewever, originated in the Philippines when the ancient fighting style called “ Balatik” was first introduced by Manobo tribes. Plating arnis requires accurate timing, precision of hans and well-trained reflexes. For it this will be mastered properlym we will be proud of just how Filipinos are real expers in stick fighting. It is good that the president added a financial bonus to the Filipino champ for her hard work on taking the Philippines to the mountain slope of the best Weightlifters in the world. The support of the country people had always been in high rewards for the Filipino Olypiads whether they win or lose. However , taking away arnis as the sports pride of the Filipinos might as well remove the chance for our country to leave a legacy in modern fighting style. For our ancestrs had spread out the wisdom Arnis throughout the country and to be nurtured by the youth. It is always best preserved than to be replaced.